Armstrong, Louis Olivier
A colonization officer for Canadian Pacific Railway, Louis Olivier Armstrong was one of the first Canadians to grasp the potential of film. In 1902 and 1903, he supervised the production of Living Canada, a series of views intended to attract British immigrants. Armstrong and the film crew for this series made a noteworthy stop in Desbarats, Ontario, recording the pageants inspired by Longfellow’s Hiawatha, performed by the Ojibwas. These pageants were presented each summer for many decades. Armstrong also worked with the Kahnawake Mohawks, with whom he participated in 1908 in the production of Quebec’s three hundredth anniversary pageants. After supervising the production of a new series of views – in colour this time – for the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1911, Armstrong was recruited by the British American Film Manufacturing Co. in 1912 as a screenwriter.
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Bioscope en l'an 1900