Silvio, Alex
Alex Silvio, known as the most important and most popular film lecturer in Quebec, worked in the business until the arrival of talking pictures. He began his career in Montreal around 1900, working as an actor and singer in cafés concerts and small theatres. In 1907 he began working as a film lecturer in various nickelodeons, including the Readoscope, National Biograph and Canadien Français. According to newspapers of the time that praised his talent, Silvio excelled in the art of commenting on films. Theatre historian Jean Béraud wrote that he “delighted spectators with rich storytelling of wild romances.” Silvio also had a keen business sense and began managing theatres and cinemas around 1920, beginning with the Canadien Français theatre and then moving on to the National, the Ouimetoscope and the Chanteclerc. The shows that he put on in these popular venues featured a combination of theatre and films, the latter accompanied by Silvio’s lectures. Weakened by illness, Silvio reduced his activities around 1928. However, despite the arrival of sound film in Montreal, he continued working as a film lecturer, touring small towns in travelling shows.
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Bioscope en l'an 1900
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